Women's Crew

Sprinting toward Spring

Sunday, November 2nd, the Women’s team participated in the annual Pancake Regatta at Pete Archer Rowing Center. The 850 meter sprint race day consisted of two total races for the Women’s Crew. The Pancake Regatta wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work from the Beach Crew Alumni and the Lions Club to make the Pancake Regatta a fun race and an amazing breakfast! 

Starting off at 8:00 am, the first race was a showdown between the Novice and Varsity 8+’s. Varsity came in first with a total time of 3:00 and the Novices finished in 3:21. The second race was again a head to head between the Novice and Varsity 4+’s. The Novice 4+ came in first place with a total time of 3:02 seconds, Varsity following behind with a time of 3:17. With their first taste of sprints this season, the Novice Women are focusing on their progress and striving for the best. 

The Women’s Crew poses for a team picture in front of the Drama 4+.

“I feel that I’ve made tremendous progress over the past few weeks,” said Karrah Flores, fall semester recruit, “…. I feel that varsity has helped support us novices and [has] always been there to help us, so that’s made rowing less stressful as there is a strong support system. Plus, having Megan as a coach has been incredible… She breaks everything down so us novices can understand and she always provides a visual which makes things a lot easier. Megan loves to push us which has been very helpful and shown me what I can personally do in rowing.” 

Karrah and the rest of the Women’s Crew are really looking forward to San Diego Fall Classic, Head of the Harbor in LA Harbor, and The Christmas Regatta at Pete Archer Rowing Center this fall season. Thank you for all the competition on the water!

Row Beach!

The Novice 4+ from left to right; Coxswain: Gabby Brodowski, Victoria Sese, Cindy Tseng, Karrah Flores and Andrea Canchola.