History of Long Beach State Rowing, Beach Crew

The Very First Long Beach State Rowing Team

History of Long Beach State Rowing


Officially founded by Bill Lockyer and Ludwig Spolyar in 1957, Long Beach State Rowing, more commonly referred to as “Beach Crew”,  is one of the campus’ oldest and continuous collegiate sports that is still active and going strong today.  The livelihood of the seasoned institution would not be possible if not for the loyal friends, family, and alumni, that all contribute towards the legacy to this day. Here are some of the notable events that have occurred throughout the decades from the founding of Beach Crew to current day.




1957 – Founding of Beach Crew by co-founders Bill Lockyer and Dr. Ludwig Spolyar

Bill Lockyer

1957 – First racing shell donated by Orange Coast College; first set of oars donated by UCLA



1970 – Ed Graham takes over for Bill Lockyer as Head Coach of the Men’s team

1973 – Long Beach State Women’s team is formed by then Head Coach Steve Buchan