Christmas Regatta 2023 

The women's crew expressed their Christmas spirit.

Christmas Regatta 2023 

By: Marissa Long

The last race of the season that the Long Beach Men’s and Women’s Crews competed in was Long Beach Rowing Association’s Bill Lockyer Christmas Regatta which was in the Marine Stadium. Beach Crew had three boats participate in the sprint races. The Women’s Crew had one four and one eight and the Men’s Crew had a four. For all three races, Emaela Talavera was in the coxswain seat. She stated that the event was, “quite hectic, but good.” Races started early in the morning and continued throughout the afternoon with many other colleges and clubs participating.

The Women’s Crew dressed up in red and green and wore Santa hats to express their holiday spirit on the water. They raced other master’s women.

In both of their races, the women’s four finished fourth out of five boats with a time of 3:28.418, beating the Los Angeles rowing club. In the eight the women’s finished last out of seven boats with a time of 3:28.605.

The Men’s Crew placed second in their sprint based on their time, but with handicaps were fourth overall out of six boats. They finished with a time of 2:59.253 beating the San Diego rowing club and the University of Las Vegas Nevada.

This event was an optional opportunity for Beach Crew to get more experience on the water to prepare for the upcoming spring season. With multiple boats participating in the Christmas Regatta this year, we’ve improved our skills on the water, especially with the novice women.

The women's crew expressed their Christmas spirit.

The women’s crew expressed their Christmas spirit.


The men's crew lining up for their sprint race.

The men’s crew lining up for their sprint race.

Photo Credit: Andres Boppell and Guillermo Boppell