Sprint Season



The Women’s team is back in action. After coming back from winter break we started the week off with our first 2k of the spring season. We have had several women on the team beat their personal record in the 2000 meter sprint piece including Stephanie Mendoza (Junior) , Samantha Sifuentes (Freshman) ,Victoria Sese (Junior) ,Samantha Dominguez (Senior) ,Sarah Beaston (Freshman) . We are pushing forward with training! Our team has done extremely well in the preparations for the upcoming season. The things that have contributed to the success of our team are hard work, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment. We have a strong team of self-driven individuals, and our leaders are amazing. We have started making prior preparations for the upcoming season. Firstly, we have set clear goals for the team, which are authentic, and all members believe in them. Our common primary focus is “putting the mind on the boat.” Our much able and experienced coxswain has the objective of coming up with the best strategy and requires to build the trust with the other crew members. 

Additionally, our team focuses on covering our blind spots in every season. The coaches ensure that every team member has a set of skills and unique role to play. This has helped our team celebrate diversity, and every member feels proud of themselves for the team’s achievements. Moreover, we have good leadership that anticipates issues that may arise and makes the necessary adjustments on time. Additionally, our team works in unison; this has given every one of us the confidence to make good decisions whenever called upon to do so. Winning is the team’s culture, and so for the upcoming season, I feel that it will be the best for us. We have already done so much and we are just warming up as we usher in the season. Over the years, our team has learned all the successful strategic approaches. Therefore we are confident that next season we shall preserve our reputation and prove to our competitors and our fans why we are the best!