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Men’s Crew Spring Updates – UCLA Classic

Beach Crew’s second regatta of the season took place in Marina Del Ray, California. Hosted by UCLA Rowing, the events took place on Sunday, March 10th, with a forecast of sunny skies and smooth water. Special guest rowers from Orange’s Chapman University joined LBSU for a composite Varsity 8 and a Novice 8 boat.

UCLA Classic held 2k sprints in a total of nine different races. Long Beach, along with Chapman rowers, rowed in the Varsity 8 at 9am. LBSU Novice 8A+ and a composite LBSU/CHAP Novice 8+ rowed at 9:40am. Both the Novice 8’s and Varsity 8 raced in their respective petite finals later on. Finally, the Varsity 4+ competed at 10:30am.

Long Beach Varsity, along with Chapman Varsity oarsmen, Rob Farmer and Finn Grant, placed 4th in the V8 race. Their overall time came to 7:09.2 sec. Continuing to the Petite Final, LBSU and CHAP placed 4th once again. The two Novice 8 boats, LBSU Novice A and LBSU/CHAP composite Novice 8, raced in the 9:40am heat. LBSU Novice A came in 3rd (time: 7:09.14sec) and the LBSU/CHAP Novice 8 came in 4th (time: 8:17.58sec). Both boats raced in the Petite Final; LBSU Novice A took 2nd place with a time of 7:20.57 sec (just 2 seconds behind UCI Novice A!). Unfortunately, the LBSU/CHAP composite Novice 8 did not finish the race due to breakage. Finally, the Varsity 4+ raced and took 2nd place in their heat, chasing after UCLA for first. The Varsity 4+ finished with a time of 7:42.62, with UCLA finishing with a time of 7:39.6sec.

Above: LBSU Varsity 4+ capturing the moment after taking 2nd place! Varsity crew (from left to right) Phoebe Evans, Chris Marinas, Brayden Bruggeman, Brandon Freijanes, and Ehab Elrashidy.

Once again, UCLA’s marina provided beautiful conditions on a clear day. Varsity continues the chase to WIRA, hoping for continued growth. The Novices, some with a semester of experience and some with just a few weeks of training, work together on and off the water, striving to represent LBSU competitively. Additionally, with one Novice boat not finishing from breakage, the new rowers learn to “roll with the punches”, maintaining a positive attitude.

Thank you to UCLA Rowing for hosting!

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