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Women’s head coach ends chapter at the Beach

Sunday, 3. February 2019

Women’s head coach ends chapter at the Beach

Cristina Felix left her position as head coach at Long Beach State on Feb. 1.

The Long Beach State women’s crew huddles around Cristina Felix on her last day as head coach. (02/01)

The Pete Archer Rowing Center was filled with teary eyes and group hugs Friday as the Long Beach State Women’s Rowing Crew said farewell to head coach Cristina Felix. After over a decade of contributions to the Long Beach rowing community, Felix will be leaving to pursue a career in pediatric trauma nursing at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

“It’s bittersweet,” said women’s team President Megan DeVore. “It’s sad to see her go, but I’m also really really excited to see her take a step towards her career goals.”

Felix began her journey with the Long Beach rowing community in 2007 when she rowed for the Long Beach Junior Crew. In her two and a half years rowing with LBJC, Felix won three USRowing Youth National Championships in an 8+, 2x and 4x.

After graduating high school in 2008, Felix continued her rowing career in other parts of the country: rowing for the University of Michigan, competing for the United States Under 23 national team and coaching for Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Felix returned to Long Beach, California in 2017 to volunteer for the Long Beach State Women’s Rowing Crew. The following year, sherose as assistant coach and then head coach.

According to DeVore, women’s team assistant coach Emily Siersen will be serving as interim women’s head coach until the team finds a replacement.

“There’s a good team chemistry right now, and we don’t want to mess that up by bringing the wrong person on,” DeVore said. “We want to find someone that matches the values and needs of the team and that takes time to figure out.”

In addition, the women’s team will receive assistance and support from the men’s team coaches as well as Felix who has agreed to provide continuous support for the team remotely. According to DeVore, Felix will be sending workout plans and feedback from Pennsylvania.

“I’d like to see the team continue to grow in the same sense that it maintains its focus on developing better people,” Felix said.

Felix’s last day as head coach was Friday. 

“I think one of the biggest things I’ll miss is the camaraderie of it all and just being able to get up and start your day with people who are like-minded and dedicated,” Felix said. “It’s the kind of group of people I hope to be able to surround myself with in the future.”

Long Beach State finish off fall season at the 52nd annual Christmas Regatta

Wednesday, 5. December 2018

Mixed masters eights sit ready at the catch. Photo by Lizette Gonzalez.

Rowers donned in candy cane-striped leggings and Santa hats raced boats adorned with Christmas trees and red bow balls at the Marine Stadium Sunday for the 52nd annual Bill Lockyer Christmas Regatta.

Hosted by the Long Beach Rowing Association, the event consisted of 850-meter sprints from a floating standing start. This year’s event ran from dusk to dawn, with over 500 entries in 112 heats.

Long Beach State raced six heats—  WN4+, WN8+, WO4+, MO4+, MM2x, WM8+, placing in each category.

The women’s novice-four began their heat with a rough start, catching a crab within the first 150 meters; however, the four gained momentum, walking on the other teams during the sprint and placing in second.

“We know that if we make a mistake, we just get right back on it and don’t hesitate to take action,” said second year women’s rower Amber Ottosen. “I think after we got going again, we were even more determined to win to not let a misfortune get the best of us.”

Vigorous winds and strong currents presented challenges for boats, pushing teams towards the rocks throughout the sprint.

“Coxing with strong winds [aren’t] always necessarily more challenging, but you definitely have to be ready to adjust your steering or power up or down on either side,” said women’s varsity coxswain Jasmine Ly. “In the WO4+, the winds made it more difficult in terms of water conditions, it was hard for my rowers to get direct catches with the wind and current.”

Despite the choppy water and strong gusts of wind, the women’s varsity-four had a good race and finished in second, toe to toe with ZLAC during the final strokes of the sprint.

The men’s team raced three fours in the men’s open four heat late afternoon. Two of the three boats placed, taking home bronze and silver for Long Beach State. The four stroked by novice rower Christopher Cortez placed in second, followed shortly by the four stroked by fourth year varsity rower Ehab Elrashidy in third.

This year’s Bill Lockyer Christmas Regatta marks Long Beach State’s final race for the fall season. The men’s team will race next in the spring season at the UCLA Dual on Jan. 6.


ClockCaster results can be viewed here:

2018 Recruitment Video

Thursday, 23. August 2018


Long Beach, Calif.— With the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, the Cal State Long Beach men’s and women’s rowing teams have been hard at work recruiting freshmen, transfers, and returning students. Over the summer, numerous efforts have been made to promote the team and encourage new recruits.

For the past two months, team officers have been organizing a promotional recruitment video in an effort to recruit novice rowers and grow the teams’ size. Women’s team treasurer, Amber Ottosen, shared the collaborative process to create the video.

“Creating the recruitment video took a lot of planning, flexibility, communication, and a little bit of luck,” said Ottosen.

There were several moving pieces in the creation of the video. The team had a stroke of luck when independent videographer, Ezra Gentle, reached out to the team and offered to do a complimentary session with his drone and camera. The video’s drone shots provided by Gentle elevated the video’s appeal and created a unique experience for viewers.

“It’s really rewarding to see the product being executed all the way to the finished product, because it started as a small idea that would come true in the distant future. Now the day is here and the film is a living, breathing result of the work everybody put in,” said Ottosen.

Tomorrow night, both men’s and women’s teams will be present at Smorgasport, a big event hosted by ASI that has proven to be successful in recruitment in the past.


Watch the final video here!

Editing: Ehab Elrashidy

Filming: Ezra Gentle, Ngyuen Le