Give to Beach Crew

Please consider supporting the California State University, Long Beach Crew Team. Founded in 1958, Beach Crew is one of the oldest and most respected collegiate crews on the west coast. During its 60 plus years “The Beach” has produced nationally ranked teams and athletes who have gone on to row on the National and Olympic teams. Beach Crew has also produced a large number of coaches serving on teams across the country and abroad. The Beach continues to be a center of excellence for the sport of rowing.

Beach Crew is a part of CSULB’s Associated Student’s Inc. (ASI), a non-profit organization of the university, that supports all student activities on and off campus. The ASI currently funds the men’s and women’s crew team for general expenses. Their level of support, while generous, only covers a small percentage of the costs for a rowing team. Additional costs for boat maintenance, entry fees, new racing shells and oars, travel, and transportation must be paid for with student dues and donations from alumni like you. All donations will go directly to the Beach Crew Alumni Association and are tax deductible. Per their by-laws, funds raised by the BCA will be used for the benefit of Beach Crew and operations of the BCA.

Donate now to the Beach Crew Alumni Association, Inc. a private 501.c3 Corporation.

If you should have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you in advance for your support.