California State University, Long Beach

American Collegiate Rowing Assoc. National Championships

Sunday, 23. May 2010

Long Beach State Crew traveled to the American Collegiate Rowing Association’s National Championships in Oklahoma City, OK, to race their WIRA-titled crews from earlier this month.

The regatta faced some tough course conditions with 35+ mile per hour head winds and choppy waterways causing two major delays throughout the weekend. The Men’s Pair (M2+) events went into semi-finals with Long Beach State making it into the petite finals with all small-boat event becoming cancelled Sunday morning. The Women’s Lightweight 4+ took on a close fight in the time trials for lane placement on Saturday between all crews finishing within 12 seconds of each other while faced with these tough water conditions. The Beach pulled off a run of 8:58.301. Their grand final on sunday placed them in fourth with a time of 9:12.67. The University of Kansas took home the gold with a winning time of 8:51.83, followed by Michigan State, 8:57.4, Georgia Tech, 9:02.38, The Beach, and trailing behind, Northwestern Crew, 9:20.2, and Ohio State at 9:31.48. It was a tough-faced event for these ladies and we are proud of their running.

The team took some time to sightsee the area including the Oklahoma City Bombing site and the Chesapeake Olympic Training Center.

– See the final results for the event
– Check out the future waterway projects of Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District for this venue.

Event Link: American Collegiate Rowing Association

American Collegiate Rowing Championships

Monday, 25. May 2009

Beach Crew traveled from the sunny skies of Long Beach to Oak Ridge, TN, for the second annual American Collegiate Rowing Championships.

In its second year as a Championship Regatta, ACRAs got underway this weekend in a new venue. After construction forced them away from Oklahoma City, they contested club national championships in Oak Ridge.

Despite the distance to travel and limited funding for these programs, 47 programs from all over the country competed in sweeping and sculling events.

Because it is a late season regatta and newer on the circuit, many schools have not yet figured out how to fit ACRA into the budget. Even
more importantly, they haven’t all been able to keep athletes from taking those summer jobs that start in late May. The result of this is reshuffled lineups and lots of smaller boats.

Hot and calm weather saw many great races come down the course in Oak Ridge. All Long Beach boats made it to Sunday’s heats. The Women’s Novice 8 placed first in the petite final agsinst the Universitys of Texas and Illinois. The Men’s Lightweight 4+ placed first in the petite final against the University of Georgia and Northwestern. The Men’s Novice 4+ was in a close dogfight against Emory, Michigan State, the University of Kansas, Penn State, and managed to take third in the petite final. The Women’s Novice 4+ placed sixth in the Grand Final with Northwestern, USMA, Kansas, University of Chicago, and UC Santa Barabra. CSULB entered two boats, Varsity and Novice into the Women’s Lightweight 4+, bothing managing to make it to the Grand Final. The Novice boat finished sixth while the varsity boat fought through University of Georgia and Binghamption University to medal for third in the event.

Beach Crew would like to specially thank the Glacer, Ramos, and Dooros families for providing lunches, the team tent, and hosting the closing team dinner on Sunday night. They flew all the way out to Oak Ridge just to do this for us. Thanks again!

The team will go sightseeing in Knoxville, TN, before flying home on Memorial Day. It was one long, rewarding, and rememberable weekend to finish off the season.