Beach Crew Alumni Association (BCA)

Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

The BCA Board of Directors will hold their annual meeting on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at 1pm.

This year, due to Corona Virus-19 restrictions, the meeting will be held virtually on Google Meet.

To attend go to:
Meeting ID
Phone Numbers
(US)+1 417-719-7688
PIN: 930 014 869#

The slate of officers up for re-election is Scott Charette, Wolf Thiele, and David Chaffee. 
Voting must be done in person and nominations for the board must be submitted to election committee chairman Ken Glenn at not later than 14 days prior to the annual meeting.

The agenda will also include a vote on proposed changes to the BCA By-laws. To obtain a copy of the proposed changes contact Ken Glenn at


Beach Crew celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2018. We are proud to be one of the oldest collegiate sports at LBSU that is still active. Most of this distinction is due to the fact that the alumni of Beach Crew are a proud family. It is important to us that you keep in touch with the organization, your crew family. The involvement and support of the alumni is the life-blood of this team. Our traditions are strong and meaningful not only to alumni but also to the current rowers and their families.

Beach Crew is excited to move forward with a more comprehensive website that will continue to evolve with updates coming to the alumni that will retain stories of lore and success. This will keep you posted on events that will be driven around embracing the alumni back into an active roll in the program. We hope to include you in crew functions, days on the water with the coaches, and any other kind of gathering to help make the rowing experience a special one for the athletes as it was for you. Keep the traditions and create new experiences for the athletes that will leave a lifelong impression on them.

As of April 2016, the BCA is now an independent 501.c3 non-profit organization, while maintaining our relationship with the LBSU 49er Foundation.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Beach Crew Alumni Association (BCA) is to enhance the rowing program at Long Beach State, provide scholarship opportunities to student athletes, and maintain the relationship with alumni to extend the involvement of the program.

The Beach Crew Alumni Association is open to all rowers, men, and women, who have rowed with the university through at least one season regardless of the level of competition.


The BCA Board of Directors

The Beach Crew Alumni Association is made up of volunteers across several decades of Beach Crew rowers, coaches, and campus staff. Members below can be contacted at the contact page.

The Board of Directors

Ken Glenn LBSU Beach Crew Alumni

Kenneth Glenn
(’71), President


Victor Grgas
(’72), Secretary

Neil Swaigler ('69), Treasurer

Neil Swaigler
(’69), Treasurer

Dave Chaffee ('69), at-large

Dave Chaffee
(’69), at-large

Dave Straley ('70) at-large

Dave Straley
(’70) at-large

Scott Charette ('91) at-large

Scott Charette
(’91) at-large

Wolfram Thiele ('93) at-large

Wolfram Thiele
(’93) at-large

Ex-officio Members
(as designated by by-laws or BOD)

Brian Coriaty
Student Life & Development Adviser, CSULB

John O’Donnell (’74)

Special Committees

Gary Barton
Chairmen – Recruiting Committee