California State University, Long Beach

Crews sail past Long Beach State in day one of San Diego Crew Classic

Sunday, 7. April 2019

Crews sail past Long Beach State in day one of San Diego Crew Classic

Long Beach State finishes last in nearly all heats on the first race day



San Diego, CA— Long Beach State loses its flame at Mission Bay during the San Diego Crew Classic, finishing last in nearly every heat in the first day. The men’s team raced three 8+s— a composite varsity, novice and alumni.

View results for San Diego Crew Classic here.


Event #9 12 Men’s Varsity American Specialty Health Cup Heat 1

Long Beach State’s composite varsity 8+ placed last in heat one of the men’s varsity American Specialty Health Cup, with a one minute 15 second margin behind Purdue who finished first in the heat.

The race was led by the first five lanes— Purdue University, Santa Clara University, Orange Coast College, UCLA and West Point. Trailing multiple boat lengths behind, Fordham University led the stragglers— San Diego State University and LBSU.

In the final 250-meter sprint, LBSU pushed the rate up to the mid to high 30s, but it wasn’t enough to fly past SDSU who had several meters of open water ahead of LBSU.

Long Beach State will race again tomorrow in event 88 against Boston College, West Point, University of California San Diego, Fordham University, Loyola Marymount College, San Diego State University and University of Calgary for the final two.


Event #26 Men’s Collegiate Novice Derek Guelker Memorial Cup Heat 1

LBSU raced toe-to-toe with USC in heat one of the Collegiate Novice Derek Gruelker Memorial Cup, finishing only four seconds behind and placing fourth in the five-boat race.

UC Berkeley maintained open water for the majority of the race, allowing the team to finish first well ahead of all crews.

LBSU had a difficult time getting off the start line, resulting in a slow start. But, the team hit a stroke of luck when the UC Davis bowsman caught a crab within the first 250 meters, giving LBSU precious time to gain a decent advantage over the crew.

Five hundred meters in, LBSU was bow ball to stern with USC, fighting for the third place spot. USC caught a minor crab in the 250-meter sprint; however, it wasn’t enough for LBSU to pull forward to claim third.

“If there was anything in the boat that was missing in the last 250 meters was more connection on the drive,” said third year coxswain Pablo Santos. “This was a good learning experience. I want to congratulate USC and Davis on their hard earned win, but we won’t let them get too comfortable.”

Long Beach State will race again tomorrow in event 81 against University of California Berkeley, Orange Coast College, UCLA, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Southern California, SDSU and University of California Davis for the final one.


Event #29 Men’s Alumni Cup Heat 1

The LBSU alumni 8+ finished last after battling with University of California Davis for a most of the heat.

The Fat Cats maintained open water over all crews for most of the race, cruising at a comfortable 26 strokes per minute in the final 250 meters and finishing first.

By the 750-meter mark, all crews had cemented their place, with no gains or losses.

“At about the last 500 meter mark, USC looked to slow down and we actually gained a seat on them,” said coxswain Chamille Mendoza. “Then they shifted into their sprint to take the lead.”

LBSU fought bow ball-to-bow ball against USC until the 250-meter sprint when USC pulled away from Long Beach, finishing fifth with a six-seat lead over LBSU.

“My boys put up a really good fight there and I feel that we’ll take this into our second race,” Mendoza said.


Event #63 Men’s Alumni Cup Final 2

The LBSU alumni 8+ place first in the alumni cup B final in a match race against UCSB.

At the halfway mark, LBSU encountered steering troubles, with the bow deck pointed toward the beach, costing the boat precious seconds and giving UCSB a hold of the lead with half a boat length over LBSU.

“[The first lane] makes a world of a difference as far as water conditions go but it didn’t protect us from the wind tunnels,” Mendoza said. “We pushed away from the shore and so did [UCSB] so I made an overcorrection towards the shore.”

However, LBSU kicked it in gear in the final 250-meter sprint, pulling forward and finishing first with a bow deck over UCSB.


Long Beach will race tomorrow for day two of San Diego Crew Classic. The men’s composite varsity 8+ will race in event 81 and the men’s novice 8+ will race in event 88. The livestream for tomorrow can be accessed here.