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Balloon Bonding


Photo by AC Chacon

The men’s team participated in an exercise with balloons during a sports psychology session provided by the CSULB Sports Training and Research program.


By Nate Young

Novice Rower

I felt really inspired to commit myself to doing the stress techniques. With everything I am juggling this semester and more on the horizon, I feel as though that will definitely reduce some tension, whether it be body or mind.

I really enjoyed the balloon activity. At first I felt childish doing it, but after it was over it became abundantly clear how crucial a learning lesson it really was.

Translating that to rowing can be an easy undertaking. Teamwork is everything out there on the water and it’s always a great idea to communicate with one another and critique not only each other but ourselves in order to achieve our common goal…to win. That’s what I took away from this exercise.