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The Result of an All-Nighter Followed by a Surprise 2k


Photo by Megan Smith

Tuesdays and Thursdays are land days for the women’s team. These practices consist of a short run and a few erg pieces. Last Tuesday, the entire women’s team did their monthly 30-minute test. On the following Thursday, Novice Coach Megan Smith announced that varsity would perform a 2k in front of the novices.


By Alexandra Savage

Varsity Rower

I’m still recovering emotionally and psychologically from our erg set Thursday.

We had a 30-minute test on Tuesday, and so I thought I was pretty safe to pull my weekly all-nighter to catch up/get ahead.

Unfortunately, I got to the boathouse Thursday morning only to find out that we had a surprise 2K test. The mentality of the coaches was understandable. They didn’t want to stress us out by letting us know that we would be 2K-ing, but in some ways, I would have DEFINITELY changed my attitude and altered my sleep schedule to prepare myself.

That being said, I think that the team, as a whole, did much better than expected. Even with what was probably over half of us complaining that we wished we had known about our little test, I was impressed by the scores of myself and my teammates, and I think that everybody ultimately surprised themselves with what was meant to be a baseline to improve on for the season.

I can’t wait to see everybody’s scores improving together, and I can’t wait to feel that same power in the boat!