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Disastrous Morning Changes Novice Coxswain’s Perspective

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Photo by Kattina Do

Novice coxswain Kattina Do and her novice rowers had their first collision with the rocks this morning. Rather running away from embarrassment, Do is ready to try again on Monday having learned an important lesson.


By Kattina Do

Novice Coxswain

Today, the currents were very strong. The boat kept drifting towards the rocks at an angle, and I learned that in this situation, I have to angle the boat the opposite direction. So, when the rowers start rowing, the boat will then go straight because the current will still continue to force the boat to drift.

Even though I tried to angle the boat, it was tougher by the end of practice, and the boat did hit rocks, which is very disastrous. Although I caused [minimal] damage to the boat, I did learn that the boat drifts faster than I had anticipated, and I need to prevent this from ever happening again by being one step ahead in order to prevent this situation. The currents cannot be trusted.

Overall, I learned a lot today from this disastrous experience including how to direct the rowers on how to back and hold water. I also learned the importance of a quiet boat, so everyone can follow directions in a synchronized fashion.