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70’s Lightweight Crews Found

Did you know that Long Beach State was widely known with lightweight rowing back in the day? Since then the team has been lucky to spin off a lightweight 4+ for an event towards the end of the season at the WIRA and ACRA Championships.

In an effort led by former coach Peter Mallory, athletes from the early 70’s are beginning to reappear in preparation for their team’s 40th reunion as the champions of the 1974 Western Sprints.

This photo is being submitted to the University Archives Office, 3rd floor of the CSULB library (LIB300), along with a complete roster from that time. If you are interested in seeing any of these items, you are encouraged to make an appointment with the archives office during normal business hours.

If you were an athlete from this era, please contact Ken Glenn, BCA Secretary, or Brandin Grams and we will get you in touch with your team.

Roster of Team Photo


Jay Leffingwell
Bob Latina
Bob Dunlap
Randy Piazza
Bruce Banigan
John O’Donnell
Bruce Patton
Adriaan van der Capellan
Alex Fey
Mike Harper
Irene Moreno
Fred Mayfield
Les Bell
Dave Atkins
Morton Prisament
Marsha Waer Reino
Craig Dittenbir


Patricia Ann Heuser
Bob Rogen
Roy Beard
Ken Durham
John Fletcher
Doug Corbett
Ted Beaty
Don Henderson
Chuck Wright
Peter Mallory


Gigi Antonacci
Wally Coursen
Leslie Dennis
Wade Fulbright
Debbie Hoffman
Ward Sullivan
Dave Wardle