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One Down, Three to Go, First Catamaran Ready to go!

After the project conceived about a year and a half ago, the Beach Crew Alumni Association (BCA), with the help of many benefactors in the community, are pleased to announce that the first of four chase boats have been delivered to the team as part of Beach Crew’s Chase Boat Conversion Project. The BCA launched the project in efforts of supporting the coaching staff’s greatest need, simply to have the ability to coach on the water. For much of Beach Crew’s history, its fleet has been deficient, sometimes leaving the staff stranded or unable to get on the water, an unacceptable situation for any team. Soon this situation will be a thing of the past. The BCA is working as fast as it possibly can to get the rest of the fleet to the Pete Archer Rowing Center. Now with a renewed alumni audience, we’re setting a goal for the whole fleet to be converted one year from today.

Proceeding with the project, the next batch of catamarans will include two smaller trimaran style vessels from Stillwater Design & Boatworks that we hope to have delivered by Summer 2012. The project will end with one more arriving as pictured above. The BCA Board of Directors has advised that future support will be needed in their budget to help maintain the fleet for the road ahead.

Please join us on Saturday, February 4, at the annual gathering, to hear about what’s in store for the project. If you are interested in assisting with Beach Crew’s Chase Boat Conversion Project directly, please contact your representative of the BCA Board of Directors.