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A Message from the BCA Communications Chairman

Greetings to the BCA community!

I’m going to take my first shot at this new job as BCA’s Communications Chairman. Actually, to tell you the truth, most of what you’ve been reading for the past four years was either crafted or influenced by me in some way. In that time, the team, staff, campus, and our community had to figure out the best way to get the words out without burdening our resources. I am happy to see that there’s been a movement heading in the right direction for that entire time. became a important tool for not just the team, but for our community at-large, and there’s a lot more to come.

Before I go into any business, I want to thank everyone who gave me their best wishes as I departed from the team’s everyday duties. The response was overwhelming, going beyond the CSULB campus, throughout many western collegiate institutions. I have to say that in the past five years I was involved more off the water than actually in a boat. I met so many people from around the country. I am glad that there is a sense of respect for our institution up and down the state. I am honored to have been the voice for the team for all of those years. Today, Matthew Dalton has taken over my duties as the General Manager of Rowing. We talk on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily. They are already on a roll.

The time came for me to make an important move, one that would support BCA in a much better role than what I tried to do with them in the past. Running the team’s daily operations and trying to participate with BCA’s duties is hard to do at once. It was time for me to move on with my own life’s goals and knowing that the team’s operation could sustain itself, thanks to the hard work of many to create the standard. I have a lot of respect for the team’s staff, they give up so much for the athletes. Their efforts come from the heart. If I can do something in return for what they did for me, it’s to come participate with the BCA. At their summer quarterly meeting, the BCA Board of Directors approved a motion for me to continue the role as the voice for the organization. I see this as no goodbye, except for those of you miss seeing me on a weekly basis at the boathouse and on campus. There have been times in the past month that I miss doing, albeit satisfied knowing that I’m now a part of a community that shares an experience like no other. Getting back to what really mattered to me in life, I have decided to further my own goals in South Orange County. Making the big move to Seattle proved all too quickly that it was not going to change for the better and satisfy what I really wanted to do.

The sport of collegiate rowing has impacted all of us. I have a lot to be thankful for. This is the least I can do for the indefinite future.

Now down to business. I received a message from Coach Vreeland with a request to help the team in a way that requires our physical presence. I, myself, plan to attend a morning in September to represent the BCA Board of Directors and share my own story. Read his message below and shoot him a line.

I hope to see all of you down the road at a future BCA event and the team’s annual fall regatta in November.



Brandin Grams
Communications Chairman
Beach Crew Alumni Association
a project of the CSULB Foundation


Good Day,

My name is Jeffrey Vreeland, and I am the Men’s Novice Coach for Beach Crew. I hope your summer season went well. While much correspondence with BCA includes a call for funds, I am requesting something of greater value than that: time, particularly your time in investing into new rowers. As working professionals, in ANY field, you have the experience and knowledge of how rowing helped to form you into the person you are today, and even get you through the tough times of yesteryear. After last year’s considerable successes in spite of limitations, I am eager to see the squad surpass the standards set for them this year. The fall semester begins August 29 and I invite the BCA community to help be a part of this year’s rowing experience.

I invite, even implore you, to be a part of the 2011-2012 Beach Crew. Show up to a morning practice in September and October to simply spend the morning on the launch. While many may feel they rowed in a “different era” of Beach Crew, I call on you especially to share some of those stories, but even more to share (five min or less) and reflect on how crew was formative in your college experience, and applicable beyond the boat.

Row Beach!

Jeffrey Vreeland
Men’s Novice Crew Coach
California State University Long Beach


You may contact Brandin or Coach Vreeland through the contact form at