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The Beach Crew Journals

We always love hearing how much our hard work impacts the lives of students. Getting on and off the water each morning, we seldom take the time to witness what’s truly happening in the minds of the athletes. We’re driven by the passion of this sport to establish that impact. Nothing is better than hearing what goes on in the mind of a coxswain. When we witness this positive impact, we know we’re on the right track, the one that engages the power, poise, and pride from all these years behind us. Let’s take a look…


Never in my life did I expect to be a part of a rowing team at Long Beach State. I only heard of the sport when it was featured in the Olympics, but never paid attention to the sport. February 10 was my first day at the Pete Archer Rowing Center, getting on the water as the female coxswain for the Men’s Novice Team. I was nervous and scared the first time I coxed, but I absolutely fell in love doing it. The fresh air, beautiful morning sunrise, and being in charge of eight men had won me over. The men on the team showed immediate kindness I instantly felt that I found my place at Cal State Long Beach.

The responsibilities of a coxswain are easier said than done. It’s been a challenge for me, but it’s an incredible feeling to be able to take control of a boat and motivate the guys to give me all that they have left in them during a race. The 5:30 AM practice each morning consist of much hard work, commitment, and dedication. The sport has a high demand for team effort. Being surrounded by a team, who all has the same ambitions to be at their fullest potential as a rower, or for myself as a coxswain, is what helps us grow mentally, physically, together as one.

The bonds that I have made with the team have been absolutely amazing. I have made the best of friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Crew is my second family, like having older brothers that I’ve always wished I had, and being able to be with them not only at practice, but also at school, and on our free time. Joining the team has definitely made a true college experience. I am truly blessed to be part of the Beach Crew experience and am excited for the years to come.

Stephanie Baesa
Men’s Novice Coxswain