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Alumni to meet for Crewbies@Zubies

Beach Crew alumni, coaches, and staff from years past will be descending on Zubie’s Dry Dock in Huntington Beach, this Saturday, February 26, to reconnect with their roots and pay tribute to the impacts of this sport at CSULB. The event starts at 4:00 PM until the “last boat leaves the dock.” Come whenever you like.

The Beach Crew Alumni Association would also like to remind you that it’s time to renew your membership if you have not already done so. Come hear about the projects that BCA is sponsoring to assist the program and make such needs a reality for them. Join us!

Zubies Dry Dock
9059 Adams Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA

About the BCA

The mission of the Beach Crew Alumni Association (BCA) is to enhance the rowing programs at California State University, Long Beach, help provide funding for the team’s necessities, and maintain the relationship with alumni to extend the involvement of the program.

The BCA is an official project of the CSULB Foundation and qualifies as a part of their 501.c3 operation. The BCA is open to all rowers (men & women), coaching staff, and campus personnel, who were involved with the team through at least one season regardless of the level of competition. The BCA is run by seven directors, elected annually by the membership, and campus personnel appointed by the university.

Beach Crew is excited to move forward with a more comprehensive website (opening soon) that will continue to evolve with updates coming to the alumni that will retain stories of lore and success. This will keep you posted on events that will be driven around embracing the alumni back into an active roll in the program. We hope to include you in crew functions, days on the water with the coaches, and any other kind of gathering to help make the rowing experience a special one for the athletes as it was for you. Keep the traditions and create new experiences for the athletes that will leave a lifelong impression on them.

Be a part of the movement and join BCA.