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The Beach Crew Journals

The fall semester at Cal State Long Beach has come and gone. Beach Crew prides itself, not only on the water, but in the classroom, and the community. These two novice oarsmen below are just experiencing the life-long impact that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Their efforts and commitment are commendable, to them and the entire team.


The term “Beach Crew” stands for more than it’s perceived. When most students hear it, they think of the group of rowers. We know it means much more than that. Going into my first day of practice in September, I had no idea what to expect or what I was getting myself into. Days passed by and grew into weeks. It didn’t take much longer and I learned that these men and women out here every morning before sunrise would become my best friends in college.

When the third week of the season arrived, I started asking myself each morning while laying in bed, “Why do I do this?” That never stopped me from showing up to practice because the best thing about crew is that showing up and working hard goes for everyone, not just you. The other guys are doing the same thing for you. Crew has a unique quality that there are no standouts. We all work as one. We can’t accomplish anything if everyone is not in sync. The sport is all about timing and working together. Not only is crew the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically, it is also the best choice I’ve made in my life. The past few months have been a ton of fun working hard, going to team breakfast every Friday morning at the Fantastic Cafe, traveling to Sacramento for Head of the American, and the list goes on. It is an honor to be a part of this team and I’m looking forward to many seasons ahead.

Tyler Hines
Men’s Novice Team


From the second I joined Beach Crew, I was hooked. I was instantly impressed by the level of commitment shown by the coaches and staff which was also mirrored by the athletes on the team. We went straight into a rigorous workout on the first day of practice. This really set the tone of what was in store for the novice athletes joining the team. I joined Beach Crew to be a part of a serious and dedicated team. I was not disappointed one bit.

I can agree that my team shares the same desire to win. That effort actually became a reality twice this fall. The glory of hard work pays off. What continues to drive us through hard times is the positive attitude of all involved. All of us have bonded over the past few months, even spending time on campus with each other on campus. I believe that Beach Crew is a fantastic sport that has made my college experience ten times better. GO BEACH!

Brian Stanley
Men’s Novice Team