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Collegiate Crews Return to Marine Stadium

Long Beach State hosted the Second Annual Long Beach Fall Collegiate Invitational with a record-breaking attendance. Nearly 100 rowers from UC Santa Barbara, the University of Southern California, UC Irvine, and Loyola Marymount, made their way back to the historic Marine Stadium. This event renews the annual commitment that the university has set to bring collegiate crews back to Marine Stadium. Not only will this commitment keep Long Beach State on the maps of the collegiate rowing community, this promotes the reason why this historic place exists for this sport.

Most of the morning included calm, cloudy skies followed by some rain right at the end of the event, making it great racing experience for
all. The results of the Naples Island Head Race and the 850m sprints are posted to Row2k.

Our thanks go out to the incredible coaching staff, John O’Donnell, Rob Edwards, Victoria Draper, and Danny Harris, for answering the beckon call of their duties at this event. The coaching staff at UC Santa Barbara also played a vital role in getting this event going. Another
thanks go out to Bob and Heather Hardin for heading up the breakfast for everyone.

We want to extend a final thanks to our friends at the Long Beach Rowing Association, notably, Renn Levy, Rob Glidden, Katrin Gleie, and
AC DuPont. We’ve come to realize how important it is that we work together to preserve what we have, the place we call, home.

Crews have committed to return to this same place before Thanksgiving next year.