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CSULB Releases "A Tour of Marine Stadium & Alamitos Bay"

When was the last time you saw Marine Stadium? The 80’s? 90’s? Back in the day when you rowed? Perhaps never? Beach Crew teamed up with staff from CSULB’s Media Production unit to give you a unique tour of the place we call, home. We invite you to come see how much Marine Stadium has changed over the years.

Brandin Grams, General Manager for Rowing Programs at CSULB, launched the project back in September. “CSULB has had a challenge of getting collegiate teams back to Marine Stadium. Many teams don’t even know about this historic place and what it has to do with their sport. We are so lucky to be here, yet, we’re not doing our part engaging in events and it’s about time we do something about it.”

This week, the university released via YouTube, “A Tour of Marine Stadium & Alamitos Bay,” showcasing the best waters to row in Southern California. “Not only will we be able to use this as a recruiting tool for us, but we share this with our friends at the Long Beach Rowing Association, its partnered programs, and other organizations at CSULB that use these waterways, to show others about this historic place. This past year we were in a year-long battle with other users of the waters past Second Street at Davies Bridge. The city was proposing to expand docks in a restoration project that would take away water space. This was creating a dangerous scenario for not just us, but other users of the waterway such as the Long Beach Drangonboats, kayaks, small-craft vessels at the U.S. Sailing Center, and the Sea Scouts of the Long Beach Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. Luckily, the city proposed a plan that satisfied most of us. This was a clear wakeup call to everyone. If we don’t use the waters, we lose it!”

This video was released just in time for the university’s Fall Collegiate Invitational scheduled for November 21. “The comments we’ve received so far were nothing short of appreciation. LBRA has already stated that they will use this in training coxswains. We have already used it to show other universities arriving next week for our big event as some of them haven’t set foot here in a long time.”

Check out the video here or click on the window below. The video is available in high-definition.