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Dawn of the New Season

The new season started on Monday, August 31, after a very rigorous summer of making greatly-needed repairs and improvements to the team’s equipment and foundation. While not actively in a boat, Beach Crew didn’t take a break over the summer. They were committed to kicking-off the season like never before. We welcome two new coaches, Ron Long and Victoria Draper, to our staff and the new positions of the Director of Rowing and the team’s General Manager.

The team’s efforts to obtain athletes was nothing short of determination. September 14 was the first day the new novice rowers hit the water. Both teams are heading in the direction to obtain enough rowers to fill a second novice boat as well as lightweights for the spring. It is a very athletic group of people this year compared to years past, having many rowers previously compete in other sports.

Men’s Varsity Coach, Ron Long, finds himself back at the Pete Archer Boathouse after many years. “I see a good group of young men. I find a long, hard, path ahead of us this year. As this year’s new coach, I have set many challenges before the squad. Many will work harder than ever before in their lives. Many will become better and stronger from it.”

CSULB’s General Manger of the Rowing Programs, Brandin Grams, saw a major commitment from the staff to keep moving forward. “We’ve gone through many eras. It was time we do something different from the norm. I am very appreciative of everyone’s commitment over the summer to insure a great start. I am also honored to work with such a great coaching staff and their willingness to learn about our new way of making the team function. It will be a big year ahead of us. Definitely
something for the books I hope.”

The fall schedule is posted. The spring schedule will be released in November at the latest.