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W-o-W/SmorgaSport Round-Up

CSULB Associated Students Inc. hosted the annual Fall SmorgaSport on Friday, September 11, to end their week-long Week-of-Welcome festivities. Several student organizations and sports teams put on a show and hosted related activities to their sport. Beach Crew hit the event with a bang. The team hosted several rounds of the 2009 SmorgaSport 500-meter Virtual Regatta using four ergometers simulating a RowPro sculling event.

The result was a true winner. It turned the heads of many students (and even professors!) looking for something to excite their college experience. The event turned so many heads that it caught the attention of CSULB’s mascot, Prospector Pete,
and his Beach Pride patrol!

As the night went on, the lot became vacant except for one corner, right where the regatta happened to take place. The regattas went well towards midnight.

The success of this extraordinary event was pulled-off thanks to the major efforts of the Beach Crew Board of Officers and its incredible coaching staff.