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Preparations Through the Summer

And you thought Long Beach State athletes had the summer off? Think again! Rowers are better than that! Major work was done the first half of the summer, painting oars, taking coaching launches out of the water for service, renovating shells, cleaning the boat bays, and getting new equipment for the coaching office.

Several 8’s are getting overhauls, including the Men’s newest Empacher, The Pioneer, donated by Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. The Sheri Kiklas Vespoli 8+ was installed with new tracks for the seats. Several sets of oars were installed with new sleeves, collars, and blades. Several sets were repainted with the 53-year-old traditional design of a black color with gold tip. The coach’s office has a new computer that can keep track of an athlete’s statistics after an erg test, time on the water, etc.

The team is working hard to make their mark in the waters of Alamitos Bay. Each coaching launch was scrubbed, resurfaced, and repainted with a new “CSU Long Beach Rowing” logo.

Work has been done with the team’s Concept2 Model D ergs at the CSULB campus. The coaching staff is looking to utilizing the facilities on-campus to better accommodate the schedules of the athletes in the Fall semester. More details on these efforts will follow.

The team will be off to a tremendous start in September when they expect to have a complete fleet of recruits to full up the boats.

Beach Crew wants to thank Dr. Stuart Farber, Dean of Students Emeritus, and members of the Beach Crew Alumni Association (BCA) for their generous donations over the summer that made a lot of this possible.