California State University, Long Beach

CSULB Partners with Livestream’s Rowing Channel

Thursday, 24. April 2014


In a massive effort by Southern California colleges and the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA), CSU Long Beach has joined the efforts of The Rowing Channel (TRC) consortium to bring live webcasts of major regattas to our ever-growing community of alums, their families, and our community. Other SoCal institutions include Orange Coast College, who had a widely popular webcast of the 2014 Newport Regatta. CSULB will add the Southern California Opening Day Regatta and the new Naples Island Collegiate Challenge to the lineup of annual events. In addition, regional events such as the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships (WIRA) and the annual national championships of the ACRA will be the flagship events of the channel.

It is the goal of the consortium to pool together resources, establish best practice, and obtain the proper manpower to make this operation possible.

TRC is operated by Netrendity Network Services, a provider of infrastructure consulting.

You can find The Beach on TRC at

Alumni Go Head-to-Head Against the Clock

Saturday, 9. November 2013


Four boats of alumni, “Win I’m 64!”, 1974 Lightweights, “Team KG”, and “Bolla & Co.” took it to the water to battle out in their annual Alumni Challenge at Long Beach State’s Fall Regatta. As a series of time-delayed starts based on USRowing masters handicaps, “Team KG” still managed to pull out way ahead, even after a 25 second delay at the start. An additional 25 seconds will be added next year as a penalty for winning… all in good spirits.

“Win I’m 64!” consisted of rowers from our late 1960’s, early 1970’s era. In it’s inaugural year in 2012, Dave Straley (’70) turned that wonderful age based on the Beatles title “When I’m 64″, so all of his friends got in the boat.

“Team KG” was a boat of recent grads going back to 2006, “KG” as an honor to the 1-year anniversary of Beach Crew’s “‘KillaGrams” Empacher 8+, named after Brandin Grams (’10). It was also the first time Brandin himself actually sat in the shell, a year after its christening.

No need to explain the 1974 Lightweights, who continue to be one happy family since being undefeated back in the day, until now.

“Bolla & Co.” was a boat brought to you by Elizabeth Bolla, a bunch of gals who just wanted to have fun. “Who cares who won,” is what they thought. All of them are happy to be here and in good spirit of life-long friendships.

Until then, see you at the Saturday Rows.

Exciting Changes to Annual Fall Regatta

Wednesday, 9. October 2013


There are some exciting changes happening at the 2013 Long Beach Fall Collegiate Invitational Regatta. 81 years ago, Long Beach hosted a terrific Olympic competition and today, continues to live by that legacy to designate itself as the “Aquatic Capital of America.”

Once started as a small event with UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine, this event has grown to become a premiere training event for novice crews and referees. It is our goal to provide an inclusive environment that celebrates the sport. Our participants run the gamut from novice to expert, bringing a wide range of competitive experience to this event. As it continues to gain popularity, we have come across an opportunity to make this event stand out event more.

In our 8th consecutive year hosting this event, we are working to expand this fall collegiate event to provide a national alternative to those events that were displaced in Newport Harbor this year. Newport Aquatic Center announced in September that the Annual Newport Autumn Rowing Festival will drop all collegiate/open and masters events, leaving a huge gap in events for many schools across the nation. While we’re up to the challenge, this requires a lot of planning, sponsorship, and approval by the City of Long Beach. Key members of our alumni association have been working hard the past few months in collaboration with other schools in the area to make Long Beach a new home for an annual fall collegiate event. We hope to give you the details this time next year. Until then, you can enjoy the events we’ve always had, including the race around Naples Island, and the novice sprints inside the Historic Marine Stadium.

We are still looking for some volunteers on and off the water. If you are an alum or a friend of the team interested in doing so, please contact Sherri Kline.

We’d like to thank all of our alumni, the Seal Beach Lion’s Club, the Long Beach Yacht Club, the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, the City of Long Beach, our SW region USRowing referees, and our volunteers that have contributed countless hours to make this regatta a landmark event for the Southern California teams.

See you November 9th!

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